INTA 2171 Interior Technics 1: Assemblage student projects

Posted on May 6, 2016 in Teaching

Technic 1 enables students to explore and gain an understanding of the basic assembly and materiality of built form, with a direct emphasis on design intent, sustainable design and real work situations.

The first set of exercises is based around Peter Zumthor’s Bruder Klaus Field Kappelle. The Bruder Klaus Field Kappelle’s construction method is unique with locally sourced tree trunks forming the sub frame followed by layers of concrete poured and rammed in twenty-four consecutive layers. The timber sub frame was then set on fire, creating a unique interior wall surface of charred concrete and hollowed cavities.

Students explored the construction method and built form through drawing, and model making. Students employed drafting principles and conventions to produce a drawing set consisting of plan, sections and elevations.

Students also produced two models exploring the stages of construction, first, the timber wigwam sub frame and second, the rammed concrete structure.


Tracy Huang



Andrew Best

Olivia Green

Rachel Fay

Samantha Donnelly

Smriti Dhugel

Tracy Huang

1C_Models 1C_Model_Kate_Morris_03 1C_Model_Kate_Morris_02 1C_Model_Kate_Morris 1C_Model_Hannah_Megahead 1B_Model_Tiana_Martinic 1A_Drawing_Hayley_Mallinder 1A_Drawing_Brittney_Elliott_02 1A_Drawing_Brittney_Elliott