Exhibition of 2nd Year (INTA2201) work at the Italian Forum, Leichhardt.

Posted on Jul 29, 2016 in Events, Teaching

The BIA is committed to demonstrating that interiors are agents of positive change within our cities. Our studio projects have strong community and outreach focus.

Session 1 of 2016 saw the second-year studio INTA2201 led by Samantha Donnelly. The project was located in the Italian Focum in Leichhardt and investigated ways of utilising vacant retail space for community purposes.

Samantha summarises the exhibition of student work that was installed in the Forum:

Students’ work was shown in a 3 week exhibition in the foyer of the Actors’ Centre in the Italian Forum in Leichhardt following the end of semester in order to promote the wide variety of ideas and spatial thinking which the students had created during Semester 1.

This was a great chance for visitors to the Forum to see work by the UNSW Interior Architecture students on an actual retail site across the Piazza. 

The students had produced a wall of task models which explored the nature of intersecting, extracting, interstice and circulatory volumes which were displayed all together as well as many of the outstanding panels and portfolios.

The opening was attended by students and their families, Leichhardt Library exhibition staff, and many of the public who use the Italian Forum on a regular basis. 

The Actors’ Centre are interested in continuing this project to develop a mobile element which can be moved into the Piazza for future public events. This will, hopefully, become an elective workshop studio sometime in the future.

A big thank you to the students of second year for their hard work and creativity throughout the semester which resulted in this incredibly strong body of ideas.