BIA staff present at SAHANZ 2016: GOLD

Posted on Jul 26, 2016 in Art & Design, Research

The Society of Architectural Historians Australian & New Zealand (SAHANZ) held its 33rd conference at the University of Melbourne between July 6 – 9.

Three of the BIA staff – Drs d’Arcy, Kimmel and O’Callaghan – presented papers at the conference whose theme was ‘gold’.

Dr Sing d’Arcy presented a paper titled ‘Gold in Spanish and Spanish-American Ecclesiastical Interior of the Early Modern’.

Dr Laurence Kimmel presented a paper titled ‘Gold and Kitsch: Uses of Gold and Kitsch in Rem Koolhaas’s Prada Foundation in Milan’.

Dr Judith O’Callaghan presented a paper titled ‘Trophy House: The Story of Barcleuth’.

Other faculty members of UNSW Built Environment also participated.

The SAHANZ conference is an annual event that brings together architectural and design historians from around the world to discuss their research and present their work to peers.