2015 BIA Graduation Exhibition: student profile – Lisa Cohen

Posted on Nov 24, 2015 in Teaching
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The White Bay Power Station, a heritage listed former coal-fired power station is the site for the 2015 graduation project.

My final year has been completely dedicated to ‘Demiurge’, bringing to life a creative centre for the redevelopment of White Bay Power Station. My proposition was heavily inspired by the existing interior in the power station and focused on celebrating it’s history in a manner that facilitated delicate and complimentary relationships between new and old. Recognising the uniquely colourful and driven community in the area, the creative centre evolved to become a place for inspiration, to immerse in culture and develop skills within a relaxed and inspiring forum.

This project has been a pivotal point in the degree for me. I absolutely loved the sense of ownership that comes in to play when working on a grad project and was thus able to lead the project in a very personal direction. This kept me constantly engaged and inspired, and my finished work perfectly characterises me as a designer at this point.

My proposition was heavily based on research, primarily centred around creativity and it’s ability to benefit the local community. This involved a thorough analysis of multiple studies and surveys in order to adequately propose a brief that I felt had the potential to greatly improve White Bay. The creative stem grew out of initial research into the demographic, public facilities and culture of the Bays precinct which was my starting point for this project.

Coupled with this research was my passion for biophilic design. Biophilia describes the innate relationship between humans and nature, and I am very much interested in exploring the effect nature has on interior spaces when treated as integral to the architectural strategy. After further discovery concerning the positive affects biophilia can have towards encouraging creativity I was able to intertwine this concept to become an essential part of my proposition. Initially driving my spatial layout, biophilic design also allowed me to challenge the typical constraints of an interior and facilitate unique connections throughout the power station.

My architectural strategy for the space was to create individual experiences for each program while maintaining a strong and unified language throughout. This design language was primarily expressed through subtle details in materiality, a notion which has steadily grown to become an obsession for me as a designer. I very much ‘went to town’ with the detailing of this project and found that each nuance effectively came to represent the essence of Demiurge.

For more insight in to my experiences over the past four years, feel free to check out my online portfolio at www.lisacoheninteriors.com.au.

2015 BIA Graduation Exhibition – Imprint
Opening night Tuesday 24 November
Exhibition open to the public 25-27 November

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