Video interview with Hamish Guthrie

Posted on Jan 27, 2015 in Industry

    When you can see people engaging in your space and those emotions are evoked in people, I think it is a validation of what you do as a designer and what you strive to do” – Hamish Guthrie

    Talented interior designer Hamish Guthrie is one half of the acclaimed Australian design duo Hecker Guthrie, whose works have introduced easy sophistication and casual elegance into many a contemporary interior.

    With a host of diverse works across hospitality, retail and residential projects, Hecker Guthrie has created a distinctive body of work that is feverishly influential, helping to define local style and contributing to a fresh Australian aesthetic.

    Australian Design Review had an opportunity to catch up with Guthrie at the most recent IDEA Awards. The designer shares a valuable insight into his beginnings in the profession, the current climate of the design industry and the designers he will be keeping an eye on in 2015.

    Photogragph & text: Australian Design Review