Sem 1 2015 Welcome

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 in Teaching
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Hello in 2015!
Over the past few months there have been numerous times, students have asked me:

“Am I enjoying the break?”

The answer being; the BE Bachelor of Interior Architecture staff have been preparing for session 1 2015 since shortly after session 2 2014, reflecting on 2014 the great moments and the not so great moments. Researching and rearranging course structures and syllabuses; taking forward what was good and improving was could be improved, writing and devising new and better ways forward for the 2015 courses. As designers and designers of education these are our roles; Learning and Teaching and Research.
This approach, within a many university degrees is very unusual and is possibly amplified by the fact we are all designers striving to make things better and improve quality of life.

This makes the UNSW Bachelor of Interior Architecture (BIA) degree distinct in its ability; brought by the teaching staff, to respond in a tailored manner to the diverse educational requirements of each student cohort. This responsiveness to the evolving field of ‘Interior’ is something the BIA staff construct and develop, session by session, into an engaging educational design experience.

2015’s teaching planning is just about done! With revised course syllabuses and structures to provide a unique thorough and challenging student experience. The BIA staff; look forward to meeting new students and taking existing students on a comprehensive, exciting and inventive design experience.

Bruce Edward Watson
Director, Interior Architecture