• Thomas Muzikants

    Thomas Muzikants

  • Dimitrijie Stevic

    Dimitrijie Stevic

  • Wei Guo

    Wei Guo

  • Tristan Xu

    Tristan Xu

  • Tiana Giacomazzi

    Tiana Giacomazzi

  • Thomas Muzikants

    Thomas Muzikants

  • Simone Daly-Sorokowski

    Simone Daly-Sorokowski

  • Samantha Lay

    Samantha Lay

  • Nidia Martins

    Nidia Martins

  • Joel Yakoubi

    Joel Yakoubi

  • Eun Hae Kim

    Eun Hae Kim

  • Benedicta Untariady

    Benedicta Untariady

  • Ashleigh Bennett

    Ashleigh Bennett

  • Anita Noeng

    Anita Noeng

This project, the second in Semester 1, is a 7-week design exercise focusing on the Foyer Administration building of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – a 1970s one storey building wedged between an adjacent 19th century heritage building and a 3-storey concrete framed building built in the late 1970s. Currently the foyer does not act as an inviting public entry, nor does it convey a suitable image for the Gardens as an important scientific and cultural organisation. The student’s task is to redesign the foyer, retaining only the existing concrete column and roof and floor slab.

Course Convenor
Dr Russell Rodrigo

Dr Russell Rodrigo
Damien Madell
Natalie Minasian
Chee Lam
Tessa Mellick
Katarina Vrdoljak
Chantelle Kramer

7 weeks