• Brenan McCloughan

    Brenan McCloughan

  • Yifu Li

    Yifu Li

  • Tiana Giacomazzi

    Tiana Giacomazzi

  • Nidia Martins

    Nidia Martins

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    Nee Shuang Heng

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  • Brenan McCloughan

    Brenan McCloughan

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  • Nidia Martins

    Nidia Martins

This project, the first in Semester 1, is a 5-week design exercise focusing on the making of one room. The site is based on an existing studio is located at the rear of an award-winning contemporary terrace house designed by Marsh Cashman Koolhoos Architects in 2001.

Your client has engaged you to develop a proposal to convert the existing studio at the rear of the property into a private retreat for themselves, a dreamspace that will reflect and celebrate their interests. The interior will be a place to sit, recline and dream.

Course Convenor
Dr Russell Rodrigo

Dr Russell Rodrigo
Damien Madell
Natalie Minasian
Chee Lam
Tessa Mellick
Katarina Vrdoljak
Chantelle Kramer

5 weeks