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The design of a facility to accommodate a new world class restaurant by the internationally acclaimed chef Massimo Bottura in the former Sydney Harbour Control Tower, Barangaroo.

Theoretical Framework
“….The properties of materials, then are not fixed attributes of matter but are processual and relational. To describe these properties means telling their stories.”

Tim Ingold
“Materials Against Materiality”

Materials have properties that are objective and measureable. On the other hand, materials also have qualities which are subjective and situational. “Stoniness” for example, is not a constant but is endlessly variable in relation to light and shade, wetness or dryness, and the position, posture or movement of the observer. This semester’s design projects focus on this understanding of materiality as the embodied experience of materials, their sensory qualities as experienced, modified and mutated in the inhabitation of the interior environment.

7 weeks

Course Convenor
Dr Russell Rodrigo

Dr Russell Rodrigo
Katarina Vrdoljak
Tina Cerar
Donna Kalish
Vesnal Trobec
Robyn Pengelly
Igor Rumyantsev
Olivia Chylinska