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National Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Theoretical Framework
“Details are much more than subordinate elements; they can be regarded as the minimal units of signification in the architectural production of meanings. These units have been singled out in spatial cells or in elements of composition, in modules or in measures, in the alternating of void and solid, or in the relationship between inside and outside….”

Marco Frascari
The Tell-the-Tale Detail

In its broader definition, “detail” can be understood as a small part in relation to a larger whole. This project focusses on the typology of workplace design and will explore the potential of detail as a generator of spatial organisation, language and experience.

Course Convenor
Dr Russell Rodrigo

Dr Russell Rodrigo
Katarina Vrdoljak
Griffen Lim
Kim de Haan
Chee Lam

11 weeks