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Bare Island & La Perouse Museum

Year 4 design studio focuses on the agency of the interior within the context of the urban morphologies and civic typologies of the twenty-first century city. As the culminating student experience of the BIA, the studios will act as an environment in which the knowledge and skills acquired over the previous 3 years can be synthesised, refined and communicated with proficiency, over a 24 week project development, mirroring the processes, products and dispositions of a professional design practice.

Design Practice 7: Propose incorporates a research phase and its translation into a design proposition. The site for the project is Bare Island and the La Perouse Museum. The research phase comprised of site, heritage and context analyses, which informed the development of the student’s brief for the project in the form of a Design Research Report and Project Brief. Using the report and brief as the research underpinning, students then proposed an initial design response in the form of a primary spatial move. The outcome from this studio is design research, a design brief and a design proposition that will form the basis of the final design studio, Design Practice 8: Resolve.

Course Convenor
Dr Sing d’Arcy

Dr Sing d’Arcy
Donna Wheatley
Sarah Roach
Chee Lam

12 weeks