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Branded Interiorscapes

“Architecture is often seen as the art of a thinking mind that arranges, organizes and establishes relationships between the parts and the whole. It is also seen as the art of designing spaces, which we experience through movement and use. Conceptual ordering, spatial and social narrative are fundamental to the ways in which buildings are shaped, used and perceived.”

Sophia Psarra
“Architecture and Narrative: The Formation of Space and Cultural Meaning”

Rather than reducing interior architecture to mere style or an overt emphasis on technology, narrative foregrounds the experiential dimension of space and materiality. In the context of shifting consumer behaviour and the challenge from online retailing, the project explores the potential for interior space to act and re-enact a continuous telling and retelling of brand values, aspirations and experiences.

Course Convenor
Dr Russell Rodrigo

Dr Russell Rodrigo
Katarina Vrdoljak
Chantelle Kramer
John Gounios

12 weeks