• Robert Vlahovic

    Robert Vlahovic

  • Richard Reyes

    Richard Reyes

  • Su-Ann Leong

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  • Samuel Phan

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  • Phoebe Nichols

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  • Nicholas Robson

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  • Robert Vlahovic

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  • Dominika Dome

    Dominika Dome

This project explores a process of ideas translated from 2d to 3dimeensional, spatial and material investigations. Using objects from the student’s own life experience, this project will engage in the creative possibilities of the design process as a way of considering material expressions and 3d for interior spaces.

The emphasis of this project is on expansive research through thinking and making.

The one room paradise is both a process and a product.

Process: exploration:

Students will be working on
• Research into ideas of paradise as it concerns their own backgrounds and lifestyle choices,
• Research into theoretical notions of the possibilities of the interior space
• evolving ideas in the form of an increasing collection of individual 3d, spatial and material investigations,
• investigation of interior spaces in relation to notions of fantastical environments
• drawings and models, each considering notions of paradise and its representations.

Product: The result will be a collection of forms that are representative of the idea of paradise in material 3dimensions and the process of experimentation, reframing and representation. Emphasis is placed on quality of 3 dimensional studies, commitment to creative exploration and quality in technique and artistry.

Course Convenor
Lisa Zamberlan

Lisa Zamberlan
Sarah Roach
Brad Mitchell
Sophie La
Liven Jansen
Cassandra Hallinan
Kim de Haan
Tina Cerar

8 weeks