INTASOC 2015 – EGM Monday 16 March 6pm

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INTASOC Extraordinary General Meeting

Join the INTASOC Executive team for a rewarding experience to develop leadership skills, meet new people, engage with the design community and add to your portfolio and CV. We need students to fill one or more of the following roles:

Co-Presidents – provide leadership and direction to the Society
Vice President – helps the Co-Presidents achieve the goals of the Society
Treasurer – financial governance of the club
Secretary – documentation and communication of Society activities (in charge of email account)
Arc Delegate – liase with Arc regarding rules & regulations
Marketing Director – in charge of all advertising material e.g. posters, graphics
Events Director – in charge of managing all events run by the Society
Photographer – photograph Society events to include in blog, posters, FB etc
Year Reps – need one for each year, can hold more than one position

Monday 16th March 6pm
Red Centre Room 4035
Refreshments provided