INTA2201: Site Visit to the ‘Italian Forum’ Leichhardt.

Posted on Mar 18, 2016 in Teaching

INTA2201: Design Practice 3: Translate

DesigStudio leader: Ms Samantha Donnelly.

Design Practice 3 is a journey across three specific aspects of retail: object, service and idea. The students will explore these 3 programmatic variations on a retail site in the Italian Forum in Leichhardt. This site has a series of problematic challenges which the students have rigorously researched – relationships between community and culture, political issues, environmental and physical aspects as well as exploration into current and past retail tenancies.

From here, the students will work through the 3 projects: a flagship store for Lego Architecture, a maker space for the Inner West community and a TEDx Talks space with an associated bar/ merchandise kiosk. Each project will present a series of conditions, both physical and virtual, which will assist in decision making and understanding how exchange is translated into a spatial event. Each project will be an exploration not just of the interior but of its relationship to the piazza with an emphasis on materiality.

The framework of these projects will be the idea of translate, which explores the handing over, exchange, or shifting of objects, people and ideas. Translation provides a way of looking more critically at that moment of exchange.