Design Practice 4 – site visit to Bridge Stairs, between Millers Point and The Rocks

Posted on Aug 5, 2015 in Teaching
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On Wednesday 29 July, Design Practice 4 conducted a site visit to the Bridge stairs, on both sides of Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Rocks and Millers Point are historical places of settlement in Sydney. The stairs and the tunnel are spatial links between these neighbourhoods, and also between the ground and the Bridge, with spectacular views of the Harbour, the Opera House and the sky. It is the basis for a twelve weeks project for a Greek community centre, which would be a new layer of settlement of Greek people who would arrive in Sydney today. The students will work on the links between interior architecture and cinema (the movie Contempt, by Jean-Luc Godard), and especially on popular culture (in cinema and other visual arts), like kitsch culture.

Studio Staff
Dr Laurence Kimmel
Ms Lisa Zamberlan
Dr Russell Rodrigo
Ms Vesna Trobec
Ms Samantha Donnelly
Ms Julia English
Ms Jade Nottage

Photographs: Lauren Rutstein