Bruce Edward Watson – Compact dwellings research project

Posted on Apr 21, 2015 in Research
  • Nova Deko's San Marino home that will incorporate UNSW's Green pod technology

    Nova Deko’s San Marino home that will incorporate UNSW’s Green pod technology

Bruce Watson, Director Interior Architecture has recently been featured in the UNSW magazine Uniken:

“For the past three years, Bruce been the chief investigator on an industry-funded research project to design compact dwellings modelled on steel shipping containers. These unconventional structures have the potential to form low-cost apartment-style accommodation and configured to create communities – a practice that’s already taking off in several European cities, says Watson.

The project, coordinated by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, is a partnership between the UNSW faculties of Built Environment and Engineering, and Nova Deko, a manufacturer of modular, shipping container – style houses, or pods.”

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Photograph & text: Uniken