• Tiana Giacomazzi

    Tiana Giacomazzi

  • Jade Tran

    Jade Tran

  • Anita Noeng

    Anita Noeng

  • Eun Hae Kim

    Eun Hae Kim

  • Ellen Ferrier

    Ellen Ferrier

  • Liam Higginbotham

    Liam Higginbotham

  • Phoebe Hogan

    Phoebe Hogan

  • En Shin

    En Shin

  • Jon Derrin

    Jon Derrin

  • Igor Rumyantsev

    Igor Rumyantsev

  • Alyssa Suyko

    Alyssa Suyko

  • Nikki Boroumand

    Nikki Boroumand

  • Yuhan Fu

    Yuhan Fu

  • Su-Ann Leong

    Su-Ann Leong

  • Luis Gito

    Luis Gito

Interior Architecture at UNSW is positioned as a research-led creative practice which focuses on the design and agency of the inhabited interiors of the built environment, from the scale of the room to the scale of the city, from permanent to temporary spaces.

Our agenda is to imagine, debate and test the contemporary interior as a key agent in the production of the built environment. We consider the interior as a dynamic and open-ended conceptual space through which the human scale and experiences inherent in the private and public spaces of our urban environments can be interrogated and projected.

Through a focus on material and spatial assembly, agency and affect, we foster an agile and critical approach to design enquiry, underpinned by an informed appreciation of the environmental, cultural and historic contexts of interior architecture and design. We value an expansive approach in the speculation and projection of the contemporary interior, underpinned by rigour and creative risk taking.

Our goal is to produce industry leaders with the ethical, collaborative and creative skills that will allow them to effectively respond to the multi-disciplinary, global demands inherent in the reshaping of our future interiorscapes.

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